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Hi, I’m Brittany. It’s wonderful to meet you here.

My path to energy work came to me over ten years ago. A divine calling to visit Angel Valley in Sedona, Arizona opened me up to vortex of magical modalities in energy healing and I was downloaded with the knowing that this work was my mission and purpose. It’s been a personal journey of healing, awakenings and exploration.

I’m passionate about waking up the artist and creator in each of us … and channeling that power towards our own mental, physical and spiritual vitality.

Education and Certifications:

  • Certified BodyTalk Practitioner
  • BodyIntuitive Practitioner
  • Holographic Sound Healing Practitioner
  • Reiki I+II and Shamanic Initiation
  • LifeStyle Design Coaching Studies, Abundant Yogi
  • Ordained Minister, Universal Life Church
  • BFA:  Television Production + Broadcast Journalism, Chapman University
  • Fall 2019: National Academy of Sports Medicine Personal Training Program

Client Testimonials

“I have been working with Brittany’s program for about 2 months and I can clearly see the change in me and around me! I pay an arm and a leg for health insurance just so I can see a licensed therapist for a small copay. Something I am now able to lower because of the work I do with Brittany. She helped me find, forgive and accept myself. And whenever I’m off balance she guides me back in a gentle way. I love Brittany! What would I do without you?!” – Stephanie M.

“My first session with Brittany was such a magical and eye-opening moment. Just entering her work space you could feel the beautiful energy around. She makes you feel safe and relaxed. Bodytalk and Quantum Energy Healing is such a tremendous journey … it’s like you can literally feel the negative emotions and vibrations melt away. I’ve also seen and felt visions of light energy unlike anything I’ve ever experienced. I leave my sessions with a big smile and a clear mind. Forever grateful.” – Maia L.

Britt is one of the most spiritually tuned in people I know. This makes her an excellent conduit for a practice like Quantum Energy Healing / BodyTalk. My sessions with her have provided more peace and solace than years of (very expensive) talk therapy. Britt has brought me amazing insight through our sessions together. I cannot recommend her more.” – Emily L.

“Safe, warming & next level are the first feelings that come to mind when working with the incredible Brittany. My first experience, I had no idea what to really expect but I knew that I trusted Brittany to guide me through and help me peel back layers upon layers from my subconscious, that were initially causing me discomfort, stagnation, pain and me not knowing that there was a root to these concerns in my life. I look forward to continuing our work together! Brittany, you’re wonderful.” – Kayln S.

“Brittany is an absolute joy to connect with. Working with her has been so powerful and effective and I can feel positive shifts during and immediately after each session. She is very intuitive, receiving clear messages and ideas to help me work through blocks or challenges I face. I’m grateful for her insight and great understanding, in addition to her ability to help me awaken to my self-healing potential. Brittany is supportive, compassionate, accepting, and very easy to open up to. I always feel perfectly at ease. Thank you Brittany!!” – Scotty B.

“The Quantum Energy Healing sessions I received from Brittany were so powerful! Her level of professionalism, intuition and nurturing support allowed me to experience deep healing for some very intimate wounds. The way she progressed through each session was comforting and eye opening at the same time. If you are looking for a soul healing experience, I can’t recommend Brittany enough!” – Tiffany M.

“It is a pleasure to write about my experience with Brittany and BodyTalk. Being new to the modality of energy healing, I went in to the session very curious and a bit nervous, not really knowing what to expect. Brittany’s warmth and positivity set me right at ease! We connected through conversation before the session began. She explained how our bodies and minds are magical and capable of self-healing. She reassured me that the healing was by me and from me, and that sometimes we need a little help to move the energy inside us from a place of stagnancy to a place of flow. Through BodyTalk, we are guided to identify the source of some of those blockages at a subconscious level, dislodge it and regain our natural state of balance. I was shocked at what came up during my session and equally surprised that it was still impacting me. Brittany was able to help me start the healing process by identifying and releasing the trauma that had been trapped in a certain area of my body. I was blown away! Brittany is the real deal. She has the gift!” – JoJo J.

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