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Elevate Your Vibration
+ Activate Your Bliss

I empower individuals + couples to awaken their innate healing abilities
and activate more pleasure, vitality and wholeness.

Let’s connect for a complimentary 45-min Explore Your Energy consultation call or in person meeting.
During this time together, we’ll delve into where you are on your path now, and your vision for your transformation.

This time is truly for you.

The conversation will be guided by your priorities in the areas of your life for which you are seeking more harmony and elevation.

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Ignite Your Magnetic Power

Are you feeling out of balance and don’t know what to do to make a shift? Are the​ ​same old patterns of mind, body and relationships and being played out over and over again?  Do you desire deep, sacred connection to yourself, your community, a partner and your life? Is the noise inside and around you so loud that you just can’t listen anymore?

If you’re ready to prioritize your well-being and tap into reservoirs of lightness inside you, you’re in the right place.

You deserve it. All the peace, joy, balance and dreams you have for your beautiful life. Wherever along your path you’ve lost connection to your worthiness to have it all … it’s time to reclaim your power + become a magnet to all the best this universe has to offer.

This is The Magnetic Vibe.


Let’s Stay Connected!


Ready to Transform?


Quantum Energy Healing is a natural, non-invasive restorative process that honors your innate wisdom and ability to heal from within.
This unique and personalized system incorporates elements of BodyTalk, BodyIntuitive, Holographic Sound Healing, Reiki, Shamanic Rituals,
Galactic Light Channeling and Energy Elevation Coaching.

During this journey, we’ll uncover belief systems, lifestyle practices, memories, trauma and subconscious energetic blocks
that are keeping you from aligning with the highest version of you … this you that already exists in the quantum realm.
This will be done in a safe and sacred container where your transformation can unfold with ease and grace.

You’re ready to transform if:

You’re in a time of deep transition and need guidance on how to move forward.
You desire a deeper connection to your intuition, spirituality and personal power.
Your body is in physical pain.
Your mind and emotions feel out of your control.
You don’t experience the level of pleasure + bliss in your body you desire.
Unhealthy coping mechanisms are no longer working.  
You feel like things in life are happening to you vs. for you.
You feel disconnected from your partner and the magic of divine love.
You’re willing to be open, vulnerable and receptive.

You’re committed to releasing self-sabotaging belief systems, habits and patterns no longer serving your highest expansion.

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“I came in feeling like a brick and after our session, I feel like a feather.
Thank you for the lightness you helped create in me.”
– Stephanie M.

Path To Divine Union

In addition to working with individuals, I’m passionate about supporting couples in their process of exploring divine sacred union
and elevating their relationship on a cosmic level. I’m ordained with the Universal Life Church and offer a program called Path to Divine Union.
This is for those embarking on the path to marriage or seeking to deepen/strengthen their connection.

Book Your Complimentary Explore Your Energy Consultation.


Hi! I’m Brittany

I’m a curious explorer of untapped potential.

My first memories as a child are deeply connected to the magnetic field of energy on this planet … to the dimensions of feeling vibration and receiving guidance from non-physical, benevolent and blissful frequencies. As a sacred space holder, it’s my honor and mission to mirror your light back to you, while holding the highest vision for your transformation.

I’m a facilitator, coach, channel, cheerleader and guide …
but you are the healer.


Britt is one of the most spiritually tuned in people I know. This makes her an excellent conduit for a practice like Quantum Energy Healing / BodyTalk. My sessions with her have provided more peace and solace than years of (very expensive) talk therapy. Britt has brought me amazing insight through our sessions together. I cannot recommend her more.” – Emily L.

“It is a pleasure to write about my experience with Brittany and BodyTalk. Being new to the modality of energy healing, I went in to the session very curious and a bit nervous, not really knowing what to expect. Brittany’s warmth and positivity set me right at ease! We connected through conversation before the session began. She explained how our bodies and minds are magical and capable of self-healing. She reassured me that the healing was by me and from me, and that sometimes we need a little help to move the energy inside us from a place of stagnancy to a place of flow. Through BodyTalk, we are guided to identify the source of some of those blockages at a subconscious level, dislodge it and regain our natural state of balance. I was shocked at what came up during my session and equally surprised that it was still impacting me. Brittany was able to help me start the healing process by identifying and releasing the trauma that had been trapped in a certain area of my body. I was blown away! Brittany is the real deal. She has the gift!” – JoJo J.

“Safe, warming & next level are the first feelings that come to mind when working with the incredible Brittany. My first experience, I had no idea what to really expect but I knew that I trusted Brittany to guide me through and help me peel back layers upon layers from my subconscious, that were initially causing me discomfort, stagnation, pain and me not knowing that there was a root to these concerns in my life. I look forward to continuing our work together! Brittany, you’re wonderful.” – Kayln S.

“I have been working with Brittany’s program for about 2 months and I can clearly see the change in me and around me! I pay an arm and a leg for health insurance just so I can see a licensed therapist for a small copay. Something I am now able to lower because of the work I do with Brittany. She helped me find, forgive and accept myself. And whenever I’m off balance she guides me back in a gentle way. I love Brittany! What would I do without you?!” – Stephanie M.